Stenciling Like Mad

The most recent online card class was all about stencils. So, for the last week, I have had a great time playing with stencils, inks, embossing paste, powders, and all kinds of sparkly things. My fingers are ink-stained, my desk is sporting some new “distressing” and all of my family members have gotten cards. I do have to admit, I was so tickled with some of them that I kept the cards sitting pretty on my desk for a few days, admiring my creative genius (lol).

Day 1: Inking and Misting. You know, I love the way cards look with misting. I just don’t like to do it, except for the occasional spritz with a Perfect Pearl mist. There are so many other things I enjoy and I reserve my small space for those things. I don’t have room for a misting box. If I loved it, I would find room (don’t we always?). So, instead of misting, I focused on the inking aspect and created this:

Day 1: Inking

I used four distress inks, two pinks and two yellows/oranges. It was really bright. I liked it, but wanted to be able to see it without my sunglasses, so tamed it a bit with some vellum. The “Thank You” is stamped directly on the vellum. As an after-thought, I should have stamped it on the card stock. I also used the same distress inks on the little flowers. Aren’t they pretty? I’m learning how to form flowers. These are a pretty good attempt, I think.

Here’s another for day 1. I told you, I love getting inky! The sentiment is “Wishing you a beautiful day.”

Day 2, Take 2

Day 2: Template Techniques. This day focused on using a combination of stamps or pens/pencils and the stencil to create a unique design. I did one. It did not work at all. My stencils all have smaller negative space than the ones demonstrated during class. The more detailed stencils don’t do well for this technique. Something to try again later . . . after adding to my stencil stash! Gotta love a good excuse to build the stash!

Day 3: Texture and Dimension. You wouldn’t think a girl who hates to have dirty hands would love the mess of embossing paste. But I really do! It’s not all that messy and what little there is cleans up, but it is a bit intimidating to drag out all of the tools and make a sticky mess. The hardest part is waiting for it to dry. It’s so hard to keep from running my hands across it in admiration and to doll it up with sparklies or patterned papers. Love it! Okay, I better quit talking about it or I will quit writing to go play some more.

Day 3: Texture

For this one, I actually didn’t even use a stencil. I made an even layer of white embossing paste over the card front. Then, while it was still wet, I pressed a background stamp into it – gently. When I pulled up the stamp, I had this lovely, leafy impression that was perfect under this leaf die. A bit of vellum for the sentiment and, voila! A friendly yet sophisticated card. By the way, use background stamps with very little detail. The more detailed, the less appealing the impression will be (the embossing paste kind of squishes around the edges). And the harder it is to clean the stamp. Don’t ask.

Day 4: One Step Further. This day was all about creating your own stencil using dies. I tried to make a hexagon full-page stencil with a die and some acetate from a package. I just couldn’t get it to cut through enough. I ended up with several torn places and gave up for the day. Sometimes it’s just better to walk away. I’ll give it another shot with another die. . . another day.

That’s it! Thanks for sticking with me on this forever-long post!

Happy creating. . . Alicia


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