It’s What’s on the Inside. . .

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. That’s okay. I think the only person that looks for it regularly is Mom (thanks, Mom!). When there is an on-line card class, like now, my fellow students may swing by. Otherwise, it’s a pretty quiet blog. That’s alright. It takes the pressure off to come up with some clever topic or amusing antic to share. Not that it’s hard to come up with an antic in this family. Someone is always doing something that tickles my funny bone. Need an example?

For the sake of card class visitors, I’ll offer a quick intro. Our daughter, Lexie, is six. She has Down Syndrome so has absolutely no guile or maliciousness. She calls it like she sees it. Her Daddy and I tuck her in together every night. She loves the special time and it usually includes some kind of observation about Daddy. Sometimes she notices a new “owie” that needs a kiss. Sometimes she pats his bald spot or identifies the features of his face. She is especially fond of his mustache. A couple nights ago, she discovered eyebrows. She touched mine and said, “eyebrow.” She touched hers and said, “eyebrow.” Then she put her little fingers on Daddy’s and said, “mustache!” She has a point.

Okay, now that you’ve had your giggle for the day (please no laughing at the cards), here are my cards for the last couple days. The first day of class, we learned, among other things, how to pop-up a little something. That was the perfect solution for my what-do-I-do-in-my-Christmas-cards-dilema. The outside is a rather elegant white-on-white design, so I wanted something simple and elegant for the inside as well. This simple solution is perfect. I stamped a simple greeting, mounted it on sparkly card stock, and made the whole thing “pop.”

Day 1 Inside

I haven’t finished day two card yet, but did have inspiration for day 3. I had a little something to put in a card, so I used a template and made a small envelope. My paper started to split a little at the bottom fold, so I used some Recollections glitter tape to reinforce it a bit. I liked it so much, I cut a narrow piece of the same tape to use as a closure.

inside day 3

The front of the card was fun, too. It features a couple Stamptember releases: Circle on a Line and Whimsical Flowers. These are such fun dies! Is it just me, or does anyone else dream about how to use our new crafty toys?

Outside day 3


3 thoughts on “It’s What’s on the Inside. . .

  1. Thanks for sharing your lovely story re the bed time discussions…my blog is like yours…quiet, but that’s nice sometimes. Your card is great, I’m going to take a look at those SSS products you used, they look as if they might be fun…Di

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