Letter Tiles

This has been a good card week. I love this card, too! Today, I used color combo #1. The design of the card is from Sharri Carroll. You can see her original here. She laughed at herself for using the eyelet “throw-backs,” but I still really like them. Nothing like updating a classic.

I like the hearts peeping through the window cut with a circle die. My favorite, though is the die-cut “you.” I cut it from the same patterned paper as the yellow flag so it has great texture, but it still got lost amongst the embossed background and dimensional layers. So, I cut it out twice more on white card stock then stacked the three, attaching with a wet glue. This was so much fun to make! The card front is rather heavy, so I had trouble photographing. The angle makes it look as if the two layers are not lined up, but the circles are actually aligned. I used my string of white lights to prop up the card, so a couple of the bulbs are visible. Adds character, I suppose.


Lexie is at Gramma’s house for the night, so I get a little play time. So far, I have reorganized my patterned papers while watching “Fellowship of the Ring,” visited the local crafty store, and made a card. I’m having a blast. Later, dinner with the hubby and movie night. I also swung by the library so I have a new book to read instead of popping right out of bed in the morning. I love my girl. I also love sleeping past 6:30. Oh, happy day!


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