Try Something New

Today’s card challenge was to try something new. It could be a new technique or a new style. I did both. I don’t usually do geometric patterns. I decided to cut several strips of paper in the week’s colors and piece them together. The idea was to create a slanted, pieced pocket for a tag. Here is my pieced pocket.


I did not use the pocket on my finished card. I like it so set it aside for another project. The problem was I really liked the distressed tag. You know how distressing is; sometimes it turns out great and sometimes it’s not everything that was hoped for. Today’s turned out great and it seemed a shame to hide it in a pocket. Instead, I played it up with an embossed vellum sentiment and sparkly flowers and gems. The picture that turned out best is also the one with Lexie’s little fingers. It’s appropriate since she helped with the inking. She’s had her fingers in the entire project, so it makes perfect sense her fingers are in the picture, too!

I mentioned yesterday that we spent the day at the fair. It was great fun. I thought Lexie would be intimidated by the rides, but she was all for it. I should have known. Any time we’re in the car for more than 30 seconds, she asks me to open all the windows so she can “blow away.” I’ve got to hand it to the girl, she knows fun when she’s having it. These are my favorite pictures – one is on the carousel. The other is inside a vinyl bubble floating in a shallow pool. The ride supervisor hopped into the pool with her and twirled her bubble, pushed her around, and tried to flip her over. She couldn’t get enough. It was a great day to be Mommy.



2 thoughts on “Try Something New

  1. You are totally correct – I wouldn’t have hidden that beautiful tag inside your pocket. Love that your little ones fingers are in the picture. She sounds like she is a great little girl. Enjoy every minute – they grow up way to fast. My “baby boy” is 31 – don’t know where the years went!

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