Lots of Happy

Lexie and I spent our day at the fair with Gramma and Grampa. We had so much fun! Lexie had been looking forward to it for days, in spite of the fact she had absolutely no idea what a “fair” is. She was not disappointed in the least. She was, however, surprising. I thought she would like the animals and be intimidated by the busy-ness of the rides. Wrong. It took a lot of convincing to visit the few animals she did. The fun started when she “drove” a race car in circles. Then the carousel. She took a long look at the Ferris wheel before deciding it was too big. The unquestioned highlight was the “bubble.” Lexie does not go in small spaces or untried territory. She eagerly slipped through an open zipper into a vinyl, air-filled ball floating on a shallow pool. She was laughing and squealing so loudly that people gathered around to watch. Gramma, Grampa and I laughed along with her, in between marveling at how shocked we were she actually did it. That girl is full of surprises.

Speaking of surprises, I actually did a card today. I’ve never played with angled layers. I’m not sure I’ll be using the sketch much, but it was good to try. Part of learning my style and what I enjoy is trying new things. This sketch is a “no.” One of the others from this week is a definite do-over. In addition to the sketch, I played with embossing a die-cut. I cut the “happy” from teal card stock then clear embossed. It gave a great texture and shine.



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