A Beautiful Mess

Well, I tried to make a shaker card for Summer Card Camp 2. It was a great idea and a valiant attempt. Unfortunately, all I got in the end was a beautiful mess. Since I did not have any foam to use as a spacer, I tried cutting out several layers of cardboard from a microwave popcorn box. An epic fail. The die cut through the packaging beautifully, but somewhere between layering and gluing the finished spacer onto the card, things got a bit wonky. Those beads all over my desk? Yeah. They started off inside the shaker. There was just too much warping from the wet glue on the cardboard.

I will try this again. Next time, though, I will be patient. I started this project and adapted to supplies on hand, which could be considered creative. This time I was impatient to give it a try and knew I wouldn’t get to the store for foam, so I gave it a shot. I learned a lot about materials and technique through this attempt. Though my project is a disaster, the experiment was not. It was frustrating, rewarding, and overall just plain fun to try. When I get one right, I’ll be sure to post.

Now. . . off to the grocery store. I’d rather be crafting, but my husband says eating is important, too. Go figure.




2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Mess

  1. Mine is a mess too. I did have craft foam, but a very very thin type, and trying to glue some layers together just didn’t work. So I cut the rim out of foam core with a craft knife, and I thought it looked good enough, but on the finished product it looks very ragged. The beads are staying inside, but they are all hung upon the acetate, and won’t move — wet glue, static? I don’t know. Just very depressing. I’ll be curious to see if you try again.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one to have trouble. I will try it again. . .maybe next week. Good to k ow the thin foam has the same problem. I wonder if running an embossing bag on the inside of the acetate would help with the static. Alicia

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