Week 2 Day 2 Summer Card Camp 2

I’m running a little behind this week. We spent Monday taking Tyler to the train station in Eugene, Oregon. It’s a 5 hour round trip and we had some errands to do while there. I didn’t get to play with cards, but I had a great day with my family. Well, most of it was good. We took the car to the dealership for service. We’d arranged for a loaner car and the dealership set us up with a car that would fit all four of us. Unfortunately, it was a Cube. Not that a Cube is a bad car. The problem was that Lexie thought the Cube looked like an ambulance. She was inconsolable. I eventually had to force her into her car seat. The only thing that lightened the mood for her a bit was that while she was howling, we noticed she had lost her first tooth! We bribed her to get buckled by promising to take her to the bathroom in McDonalds to look in the mirror.
Lexie lost a tooth

Isn’t she adorable? Just for the record, she rarely howls. In fact, the only time she usually cries is when her hair is being brushed. As soon as the brush is put away, the tears stop for the day. The price we pay for beauty.

Though it’s Wednesday already, I am posting Tuesday’s assigned card. I decided to try tone-on-tone embossing. The rose and leaves were stamped on ivory and green cardstock, respectively, then embossed with clear embossing powder. The banner was done in the same way. It was a quick card and I’m happy with how it looks. Today, I am working on a shaker card. I don’t have any foam, so I’ll share my solution (even if it doesn’t work) later today or in the morning. In the meanwhile, happy stamping!


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