10-Minute Card Challenge


Today’s Summer School card challenge is to make a card using the week’s colors in under 10 minutes. I came in at just under 9. The card looks great. Week 1 Day 4

My desk . . . Not so much! Image

I did finally get my desk cleaned up and am going to work on cleaning up my new blog. I want to personalize it a bit and figure out some of the widgets. I’m having fun looking at several other blogs and deciding what I like. Bear with me a bit and it will get in shape soon.

By the way, Lexie refused to make a card today. She is way too busy playing her guitar and pushing around a toy fire engine. So many toys, so little time. I know the feeling.



4 thoughts on “10-Minute Card Challenge

    • My desk only looks this good because I tossed the scraps on the floor along with my Big Shot. Did it take you longer to clean up than create? It just about did for me. It was a fun challenge.

  1. Love your desk! Yes, it took me longer to clean off the table than it did to make the card. Actually, first I had to make the space to make the card! Looks like a tornado’s been through here. Oh, yea–Love the colorful chevrons and the little dog. Great card!

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